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Every person is unique. YourBlueprint offers personalized support right from the start of your prescribed Blueprint Medicines therapy.

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YourBlueprint overview

Explore resources to help with your treatment journey.*

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1-on-1 support

Learn how your Case Manager can offer personalized support.

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Financial assistance

Let us help you navigate your insurance coverage or explore financial assistance options.

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Other resources

We want to help prescribed patients get on therapy and maintain treatment.

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*Eligibility criteria may apply

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Co-Pay Assistance Program

If you have commercial insurance through your job, a partner’s job or you buy it yourself, you may be eligible to pay as little as $0 for your prescription.

For those who qualify, this program covers:

  • Co-pay
  • Co-insurance
  • Deductible expenses

Read the terms and conditions, or call us at 1-888-BLUPRNT (1-888-258-7768) to learn more.

Up to an annual maximum benefit of $25,000. Terms and conditions apply.

Talk to your doctor about enrolling in YourBlueprint*

Call 1-888-BLUPRNT (1-888-258-7768) if you have any questions

*Patients will not be able to access YourBlueprint until they’ve been enrolled by their doctor. Patients will also need to provide their personal consent and authorization to complete their enrollment.