What To Expect

By Your Side From the Beginning

YourBlueprint® is here to offer personalized support and help with navigating coverage, filling prescriptions and staying on track with your prescribed therapy. Uninterrupted access is always our goal.

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Getting enrolled


You are prescribed a Blueprint Medicines therapy.


Your healthcare provider initiates your enrollment.


You provide consent to complete enrollment.*

*If you did not complete enrollment at your doctor’s office, please fill out the Consent and HIPAA authorization form.

You're enrolled! What's next?

Your Case Manager will call you within 1-2 days to discuss how they can best support you. Save their phone number, 1-888-BLUPRNT (1-888-258-7768) in your contact list, so you don’t miss their call.

How you'll obtain your medication

Blueprint Medicines therapies are only available through an authorized network of mail order and health system specialty pharmacies and pharmacies located within your doctor's office.

Clipboard with Rx icon to signify prescribing of medication

Prescribing your medication

Your doctor sends your prescription to an eligible pharmacy or to YourBlueprint to send to an authorized pharmacy.

Shield with healthcare cross and checkmark icon to signify insurance coverage

Verifying coverage

The pharmacy will verify your insurance coverage and work directly with your healthcare provider to obtain prior authorization, if needed.

Telephone with mailpiece icon to signify receiving your medication

Receiving your medication

Once coverage is approved, your pharmacy will contact you to communicate your out-of-pocket costs and arrange for delivery or pickup of your medication. Make sure you save the phone number of the pharmacy, so you don’t miss any of their calls.

Conversation box with question mark icon to signify insurance questions

Navigating coverage

Your Case Manager can coordinate with your pharmacy to provide assistance for your specific needs.

Calculator icon signifying financial assistance

Financial assistance

You may be eligible for our financial assistance programs if you do not have insurance, your insurance is limited, or you have unaffordable out-of-pocket costs for Blueprint Medicines therapies.