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What is YourBlueprint®?

We offer personalized support and resources designed for every step of the patient treatment journey.

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Financial support

We can help eligible patients understand their insurance benefits and connect them with financial assistance options.

Co-Pay Assistance Program

For eligible, commercially insured patients, this program helps reduce their out-of-pocket costs to as little as $0 per month.*

*Up to an annual maximum benefit of $25,000. Terms and conditions apply.

Patient Assistance Program

If your patients are uninsured or have limited coverage, they may qualify to receive their medication at no cost.

Improve access to treatment

Uninterrupted access is our goal. YourBlueprint is dedicated to helping patients start and stay on their prescribed medication.

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QuickStart Program

This program offers a no-cost, 15-day supply of therapy to eligible newly prescribed patients who experience an insurance delay.

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Coverage Interruption

Those already on therapy can get a no-cost, 15-day supply of treatment if they face a qualifying temporary interruption in insurance coverage.

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Dose Exchange Program

Patients who have a change in their medication dosage may exchange their remaining medication for the new dose.

Dedicated support

Case Managers will be the single point of contact throughout your patient's treatment journey. They will help with program enrollment and provide coordination between you, your patients and the pharmacy. Case Managers can also help your patients through non-clinical aspects of therapy by providing 1:1 support calls and patient education resources.

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YourBlueprint brochures

For more information about YourBlueprint’s offerings, download our program overview below.

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