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Pharmacy Choice
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You choose the dispensing method, we’ll provide the support

Your patients can receive their Blueprint Medicines therapy either through a qualified medically integrated dispenser (MID), or one of our network specialty pharmacies. Once a dispensing method is selected, patients may enroll with YourBlueprint to access support services. From there, we’ll help coordinate the process and can answer any questions you may have along the way.
Medically Integrated Dispenser (MID)

Submit the prescription to your MID.

Qualified MID can order the medication from a Blueprint Medicines specialty distributor. 
MID conducts benefits investigation, prior authorization, and appeal when required:
  • If insurer requires use of a Blueprint Medicines specialty pharmacy, follow the steps to route the prescription to the specified specialty pharmacy
  • If your MID needs assistance with reimbursement support, YourBlueprint can help
  • Patient receives medication
See the AYVAKIT access and reimbursement guide for more information on how we can help your patients access treatment.
Specialty Pharmacy

Complete the prescription and send to your preferred Blueprint Medicines specialty pharmacy via fax or eRx.

Prescription received and processed by specialty pharmacies.

Specialty pharmacy:

  • Conducts benefits investigation and routes patient to an alternate pharmacy if required
  • Assists your office with prior authorization and appeals support
  • Coordinates with YourBlueprint and your office staff to enroll eligible patients in support programs
  • Delivers medication to your patient’s home
Benefits Verification

YourBlueprint can conduct benefits verifications

Your patient’s Case Manager can conduct a benefits verification to determine a patient’s health insurance coverage and out-of-pocket costs. After verifying coverage, we’ll provide a summary of benefits to you over the phone as well as fax. For the patient, we can call to review the summary of benefits verbally, and upon request, we can mail a copy to the patient.

Prior Authorization

Prior authorization requirement? We can help.

Our Case Managers can support your patient through the process of managing a prior authorization requirement. Here is what you can expect:

  • First, we will coordinate with your patient’s insurer to gather the prior authorization requirements, including the payer specific documents.
  • Your patient’s Case Manager will then contact you to help guide you through the submission process and provide you the necessary documents to complete, including a documentation checklist.
  • After your office submits the prior authorization request, upon your request, we can track the progress and communicate the status of a prior authorization to you.

Ask us about appeals support

In the event of a prior authorization denial, your patient’s Case Manager can assist with an appeal of the payer’s decision via a request for reconsideration by providing:

Formulary Expectations

Formulary exceptions requests

Your patient’s Case Manager can help you understand the formulary exception requests process by providing:

Temporary Treatment

Uninterrupted access is our goal

YourBlueprint offers the following no-cost options to eligible patients who need assistance accessing their Blueprint Medicines therapy while awaiting an insurance coverage determination or while transitioning between doses. Take a look at the following situations to see which programs we offer.
Delayed insurance coverage?
The QuickStart Program offers a no‑cost 15-day supply of therapy to eligible newly prescribed patients who have an insurance delay.
Fax: 1-866-370-3082
Interruption in coverage?
The Coverage Interruption Program provides a no-cost 15⁠-⁠day supply of treatment to eligible patients already on therapy who face a temporary interruption in insurance coverage.
Fax: 1-866-370-3082
Changing dose of AYVAKIT® (avapritinib)?

The AYVAKIT Dose Exchange Program allows patients who have a change in their dose of AYVAKIT to exchange remaining medication for the new dose.

Fax: 1-866-370-3082
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