YourBlueprint® Support Team

Dedicated assistance

Meet the members of our support team and see how they can help your patients access treatment


Our Case Managers are the single point of contact throughout your patient’s treatment journey, providing support in a variety of areas:
  • Help with enrolling your patient in the YourBlueprint support program
  • Coordination among YourBlueprint, your patient, and you, including:
    • Reimbursement support
    • Product dispensing from our non-commercial pharmacy
    • Keeping your office up to date on your patient’s status every step of the way
  • Coordination with specialty pharmacies and providing additional support, such as:
    • Assisting with prescription processing and communication of reimbursement issues
    • Coordination of non-commercial pharmacy temporary treatment dispenses with specialty pharmacies to ensure seamless access for patients

Additional support programs from YourBlueprint:

  • QuickStart Program offers a temporary no‑cost supply of medication in the event of a coverage-related delay
  • Coverage Interruption Program provides a temporary no-cost supply of medication to patients who are experiencing an interruption in coverage
  • Patient Assistance Program for patients who are uninsured, cannot afford their out⁠-⁠of⁠-⁠pocket costs, or have limited coverage; these patients may be eligible to receive their medication at no cost
Your patient’s Case Manager can help determine their eligibility and communicate next steps with you once they are enrolled.


Provide essential support with investigating your patients’ insurance, including:
  • Helping your patients understand their benefits and insurance coverage
  • Providing information on the requirements for coverage for Blueprint Medicines therapies
  • Providing your office with information to help navigate your patients’ access challenges, such as prior authorization denials, appeals submissions, and formulary exception request processes
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