How to Enroll

By your side, starting with the first step


YourBlueprint® is a personalized support program that can help you get your prescribed medication, and will be there to help you throughout your therapy

Enrollment is simple. If you are on a Blueprint Medicines therapy or are the caregiver of someone who is, follow these easy steps:

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Step 1

You are prescribed a Blueprint Medicines therapy

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Step 2

Your healthcare provider initiates your enrollment in YourBlueprint

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Step 3

You provide consent to complete the enrollment form 


If you did not sign the consent portion of the enrollment form at your doctor’s office, you can either:


*Facilitated through DocuSign.

If you choose this option, you can send your completed form via email to OR by mail to PO Box 15590, Pittsburgh, PA 15244.

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Step 4

You’re ready to make a plan

Your Case Manager will call you within 1-2 business days to discuss the next steps and to find out how they can best support you.


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